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“Girls Behind the Bar” Celebration Project – Documentary, Song Promotion

After starting to play the GBTB song, folks liked it a lot, the place I played it danced and grooved with it.  Some knowledgeable folks suggested selling the song.

So I thought – “Maybe we could do more?”  Maybe we could create a project and sophisticated and kool campaign to honor, celebrate these women.  And y the heck NOT!?

So a little team of us are putting together a crowdfunding project.  We are going to start with  Here is a draft of our idea.  Feel free to add your own ideas, comment suggestions.  Lemme know if you want to help or contribute.

A mega-fun documentary/original music project to honor and celebrate those women, that make everyone’s life a bit easier.

Girls Behind the Bar” Documentary, Original Songs and Undiscovered Bargirl Artists

25 Words of Less: Create a full media project to honor and celebrate the “Girls Behind the Bar.”

Mission: Let’s have some fun! How about mega-fun!?  A combo documentary and original music project based on the theme of my original song “Girls Behind the Bar.” To honor and celebrate those women, that make everyone’s life a bit easier, more pleasant and fun by serving all of us in the watering holes, hotels, clubs, honky-tonks and neighborhood bars as the “Girls Behind the Bar.” (GBTB).Goals

  1. Produce a documentary of women’s stories (maybe some famous women!) and experiences working as servers in watering holes along with original music celebrating bargirls and women servers.
  2. Promote the project using my original song – “Girls Behind the Bar” and have some bargirls write and perform original songs about their lives and experiences.  (We’ll make sure they sound good!)
  3. Get sponsors to help fund and distribute the DVD and sponsor local GBTB nights – in your town.
  4. The project will be done on an iPad! (yikes!!)

Perfect for Crowdfunding and a Community

Everyone has a local and neighborhood woman server who makes life a little easier. Maybe your Mom, aunts, sisters, or someone you know is a server in a bar and you want to honor them? Lord knows, they work real hard to make life a little easier for all of us.

Let’s create a community to respect and honor them and tell their stories.

With crowdfunding we can create our own project, supported by YOU, that stays true to the mission of honoring these women and avoids being too commercial.

No “Coyote Ugly”/”Hooters”/”Girls Gone Wild”-like exploitation on this project!  This is a project that gets at the reality of being a woman server – and get some good music out and have a lot of fun. We want to do good, while doing well.

The Kickstarter project will fund the core project and then also let us approach potential commercial sponsors and co-funders. Or, if we get enough money from crowdfunding we may not need to.

The DVD and Original Music

You will also get to nominate your favorite “girl(s) behind the bar” to be interviewed for a documentary DVD we’ll produce with interviews and more! We’ll find the “best” bargirls and do interviews (so everyone can see how cute they are, sure) but also to memorialize their stories. There will also be some hair raising stories we can imagine!!

We intend this to be a gritty/realistic/fun(ny) documentary of the lives of women servers – today. Their hopes, dreams, fears, experiences – a lot to do with you and me – their customers!!

We are also semi-pro singer-songwriters and performers and will coach some of the women to write original music and perform for the documentary.

Promotion of GBTB Song and Marketing Campaign

What spirits company, bar or entertainment group or other company with bar customers wouldn’t want to build and on-going marketing and promotional campaign around the song and it’s theme, and the DVD.

As a marketer, I am experienced in these kinds of corporate sponsorship projects and pitches. I speak the “language” of business marketing, sponsorship and partnerships. To get the project as wide a distribution as possible we may need additional funding and distribution. We are prepared to go out and get this.

Kool Future Ideas

Of course, there are lots of other things we can do and we’re open and want to be creative. The Kickstarter community the project creates will be the “brain trust” to tell us what to do.

For example,

  • We could do local versions of the project or a tour of performers and the music, etc.
  • Imagine a GBTB project for you city or town. For major cities – around the world
  • A separate CD of songs honoring women servers with original songs on the theme performed by major artists
  • GBTB events celebrating the women and the music.

There are lots of ways this project can continue and expand. We’re counting on the Kickstarter community to be our “brain trust” and guide us.

Join our group and let us know what helps the mission!


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