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“Girls Behind the Bar” Celebration Project: Mental Health Benefits – Gar-on-teed!!

Everyone has been in such a scared, fearful funk for the last 4-5 years.  Worried about money, jobs, the end of the world, global warming, flesh-eating bacteria, gas prices, etc….heck…what isn’t there to wurry about!?

This project will chase away those catastrophic thinking bluez and inject you with a fun and optimism antidote for the trubblez!!  Also, this is not gonna be a edgy, cynical, exploitative project.  Lots of other folks can do thoze.

Sweet lord!!  We live in the richest country in the world and history of the world, dude!!  Whatz to be scared of?..geez!…join our ‘lil group and….

“C’mon now, make them proud, they’re our honky-tonk superstars.
Raise your glass and yell real loud, for the girls behind the bar!!”

We want a project where the Mom’s, Dad’s and bros and sisters of the GBTB can proudly share.   Emphasis on fun — not the old fashioned and tired “expose”/voyeur stuff.  Ho hum…..

We want to humanize the women — they don’t need more dehumanizing.  They are bargirls not just babes.  Rite!?  Each has a story and all stories are interesting.

We guarantee a mood elevation.  That’s a promise you can take — to your local bar!


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